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English saddles are typically lighter weight than many Western saddles, but they can be trickier to fit, as they come in a variety of tree widths, and some English saddles even have adjustable-width trees. I have very little experience with Western saddles, as I have always ridden English, but on the rare occasions that I have ridden in a Western saddle, I found they tend to lock the rider in place in ways that an English saddle does not, and thus English saddles tend to require better balance and stronger muscles than Western Saddles. Personally, I found that I did not like being locked into place, but most of my friends who ride Western do not have this reaction. If this first saddle is intended to be ONLY a first saddle, you might want to consider some of the synthetic saddles, as both Western & English synthetic saddles tend to be much lighter than their leather equivalents, as well as less expensive. They can be very good value for the money, especially if this saddle is not intended to be a “keeper”.