Reply To: INPUT NEEDED! Refusing to move forward while lunging; Putting up a fight

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I read sll the posts. What I am wondering is why longe at all? When I had my vet/chiro work on my horses he told me that longeing is one of the worst things you can do to a horse in terms of chiropractics. It pulls them out of alignment. Chris Cox says that all longeing does for a horse is build up his stamina so he can fight you more. Pat Parelli doesn’t longe. He plays the circling game. Try getting on line and looking at some of their training dvds to see what they do. The circling game is very different from longeing. Also I would ask what your longe line looks like. The Parelli longe lines have a metal device that attaches to the rope that will turn so that you are not accidentally tightening the halter on the horses head. The longe line swivels so that it doesn’t tighten the halter with a Parelli longe line. I believe if you look hard enough you can find these lines other than through Parelli. Parelli’s are very expensive and heavy. I do like that the heads swivel. I would reccommend dropping longeing for now and working on other ground work until your horse trusts you and you know what is physically wrong with him. I also reccommend the swivel head longe lines. Your horse is telling you that longeing is hurting him in the only way he can communicate it to you. Bill Dorrance, Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt have good how to books on working with horses. Are you thinking like a horse? Are you listening?