Reply To: INPUT NEEDED! Refusing to move forward while lunging; Putting up a fight

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Carrie – I would add that if one is going to longe (older term) one’s horse, one should invest in the proper equipment rather than just attaching a line to a halter. I do think, however, that this poster’s horse has some problem other than equipment.

I never longe (proper term) in just a halter … by time a horse is ready to be longed, they are also wearing a bridle (longe line run through the ring on the near side of the bit and clipped to the ring on the far side of the bit with more experienced horses) or a cavesson …

With this particular horse, I lean towards either saddle fit or something physically wrong. Having gone through similar issues with my 3 year-old earlier this year, in which it was a combination of too narrow of a saddle (he filled out over the winter) and chiropractic issues from an injury prior to him coming to me.