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I have two easy keepers – and before I moved to my own property in Texas from Virginia, they were overweight (body scores of 7 – 8). Now they live on a dry lot and are fed coastal bermuda hay from slow feeder hay nets (Freedom Feeder brand) during the day. They go out on pasture for 1 – 2 hours at night, depending on how much (and how green) grass is there for their “mental health”. They get small amounts of senior feed twice daily. I try to exercise them as much as possible, but to tell the truth, it’s been so hot that they haven’t been ridden for two months. Now they are both “5” on the body condition scale. So – they have lost weight and maintained the weight loss by living on a dry lot, eating “lo-cal” hay using slow-feeder hay nets to spread their consumption over the day and (usually, but not always) exercising three times a week. No all-day pasture ever. I let them graze 1-2 hours at night (when grass has lower sugar content). Never all day pasture!