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Joe-joe- I’ve ridden him in a halter and lead and he’s amazing! oddly enough I find that he enjoyed it much better then having a bit in his mouth. For his size he doesn’t have to be bitted up to collect at all. But you can feel the difference between bits. He tends to like something soft. I’ve been riding him in an elevator and he likes it but when I ride him in a slow twist D Ring he’s much more giving and gives me his head and really stretches down. I use the one rein stop and he responds to it well, along with closing my legs. When I ask him to give I keep my constant pressure on the outside and keep slight contact with my inside and bend him and give, bend him and give, bend him and give. When I do this I never go all the way around the ring. I stay at a circle and am constantly moving him around my leg and he responds well! But its when he doesn’t respond that I’m stuck at.

G&S- I have tried to teach long and low for him to really accept and stretch but he doesn’t want to stretch. If I loosen my reins he just sticks his nose out 3 feet in front of him and low, But when i gather my reins he picks his head up. Some days he responds well and some days he doesn’t. Maybe its me. I have a trainer but we always use draw reins but I believe and know that he can do it without them. He was a dressage horse before I bought him but his heart just wasn’t in it. He loves to Jump! So we’re working towards to Equitation. The farm before rode him in a solid Rubber Pelham and the trainer would ride him in an O Ring. But that’s all they rode him in so at first he had a very hard mouth but know he loves loves LOVES my happy mouth Elevator!

For his size, I have to say he is very forgiving and is a quick learner. He picks up on things on the first ride. Then every other ride after that he just tunes it up. Once he knows what to do and how to do it he’s great! Its just getting him to do it which is the struggle. Thank you for all your help!

Is there any exercises I can do for him to stretch and be more flexible within his back and rib cage?

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