Reply To: Do I need a calming and gut supplement for my horse?

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HI There:
I have a TB that was extremely hot, and ulcers at times.
I too used magnesium. I believe that 5,000 is a lot to stay on permanently. It can lead to diarrhea. And you loose energy because it makes you sleepy. I personally have tried. It doesn’t make my stomach feel so hot. B vitamin does calm and I tried that. At the time we were feeding strategy. Since then I switched this one horse to Tribute Kalm Ultra – I love it for her. Then I tried G.U.T. through smartpak. My horses love. Smells good, has marshmallow extract in it. Now, I kept on for a long time and my other horse started getting skinny. My vet said to use less. and that worked too. Then I stopped and I haven’t had a problem since. I still occasionally give or if I see belly soreness will start up again. Reason I choice G.U.T. is that is didn’t have an antiacid which when you come off of can to my knowledge cause lots of acid. Also cost was lower. I researched the ingredients and there is one in the GUT that is also used for ADHD and I thought my young guy did show more focus on. Good luck with your choice. Hope that helped.