Reply To: Do I need a calming and gut supplement for my horse?

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I’m wondering why you think your horse doesn’t have ulcers now even though you say he has a very touchy stomach. That is a common symptom. Obviously the difficulty maintaining weight could be numerous things including ulcers. I suggest reading Dr. DePaola and Dr. Ridgway for more ulcer symptoms for both fore and hindgut ulcers as the symptoms do overlap & are often labeled as behavioral. If you horse does have ulcers, the supplements you’re considering will probably not help you. Perhaps the Smartgut Ultra if they’re minor or if it’s gastritis, but the regular smartgut will not. Nor will either address the hindgut. In a horse with a history of foregut only ulcers, I would keep them on Smartgut Ultra but strongly recommend you contact your vet for medicine for a minimum of 3-4 weeks. My mare hasn’t had foregut ulcers after staying on Smartgut Ultra but did have probable hindgut ulcers while on it. She was treated & upgraded to SmartGI Ultra but 2 months later, still is indicating hind gut ulcers & is back on medicine. Her ulcers are chronic pain related as her exercise & feed is very low risk but consider adding more forage, adding some alfalfa (calcium buffers acid), and reducing grain if you feed it. Good luck.