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I have had my TB since she was 4. She had shoes until she was 7 I think and then after taking a barefoot seminar I had them pulled. I had more problems with her feet when she had shoes then since she had been barefoot. My friend and trainer has 5 horses in her lesson program, all diff breeds, and they are also all barefoot and each have at least 10 rides per week. The trick I think is being patient, having a really good barefoot ferrier (can’t trim too short-esp in beginning), using a very good hoof supplement, not topical (we used Double Strength Ferriers Choice) for at least the first year of growth, and the easy boots if needed. My TB did not need any boot, but I did not have rocks in her pasture. My horse is now 15 and I have not had ANY hoof problems, thrush, cracking, abcesses, etc. since she has been barefoot like I did before.