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This is an interesting topic. I never thought it would be a good idea to boot just one foot since hoof balance is so important, I figured it would be like me wearing one shoe only and cause problems. I have Cavallo trek boots for my mare just for the front right now and they fit great, are SO easy to put on, and help her move so much better because she is more comfotable.

She has white feet which I can definitely say are worse than all my other horse’s feet (not sure if its because they are white or because she just has bad feet. I do not wash her legs regularly just groom them) and she is very flat footed – despite careful trimming her hooves start pancaking out if I don’t do light trims on her every two weeks in the spring/summer/fall (winter she can go longer). She also bruises easily and gets abscesses easily. The Cavallo boots so far have stayed on well (only had them for a month or so) and seem very comfortable for her. I use the pastern wraps with them as she has sensitive skin and i didn’t want to take a chance on her getting rubs on her heel or anything and I also use the gel insoles. I’m planning to order two more for her hind feet this week.

For the person who said they just used one easy boot glove on a hind foot, did you turn your horse out in the boot as well? My mare is recovering from an abscess on her right hind and although the abscess is popped it caused a large amount of her heel/back quarter of her hoof to become unstable because of the track it made when it popped and I had to remove part of it. I have been keeping her hind foot wrapped with cotton/vetwrap/duct tape but a boot would be so much easier if it would stay on, just to protect it while it grows out. I didn’t consider that before because I thought it could cause problems to boot only one foot, but it sounds like several people have done it with no problems.

I do have a friend who uses the renegade hoof boots and LOVES them. I don’t have any experience booting only the hind feet…would that transfer more weight to the forehand since it would make the hind end a little higher? Please keep us updated on what you decide, I would love to know how it works so I can keep that filed away for future reference!

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