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So far KiZmet’s hooves have remained hard enough to last without boots. The extreme summer temperatures we endured this year (100+ frequently) made them all more dry and brittle. Not so much on my Kiger (hooves of iron), but KiZmet’s hooves showed a bit of cracking. We kept that minimal by using E3 hoof oil (natural non-petroleum/mineral oil) frequently.

As for mustangs, there aren’t many left that are true mustangs with the old blood (small, wiry, tough with typically long manes/tails). The BLM has seen to that with selective round-ups and domestics have been introduced. Our KiZmet doesn’t have near the hoof strength as our previous Cold Springs mustangs, but are still tougher than most domestics.

So far, no boots, but I suspect we will be looking at the Renegades and Cavallos if the winter proves too wet this year.

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