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My mare, Blossom, is afraid of nothing except bears. My husband’s OTTB on the other hand has a few “issues.” At 24, he is now getting cataracts so he tends to spook more. When we first got him at age 9 he was calm and fearless but he had never seen a cow! He stood and stared what seemed like forever at cows in a field. He has always been terrified of round pens. It’s not worth your life to put him in one. Other than that he only fears cars that show up where there have been no cars in the past and horse drawn vehicles. He freaked at a hunt-pace because there was a car parked by a road crossing on a trail he had been on thousands of times. You cannot ride him (or control him in any way) anywhere near a horse drawn buggy or wagon. Other than that, he’s a rock solid trail horse!