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Hi! I took my horse to college—actually to 2 different colleges (this was *gulp* 30 years ago) & like Joe Joe said, it really is just like moving from one boarding barn to another, as far as that transition goes. I was able to haul him myself as I was only 3 hours from home the first time, & an hour & a half the second time. As far as finding time to ride—it really wasn’t hard. College classes are set up so that you aren’t actually in class all day–like in High School—so I found that it was not hard to get out to the barn just about every day. You just have to make a commitment to spend time with your horse-which sounds like won’t be an issue for you; some of your new friends may not understand that you *perhaps* would rather go see your horse than go out with them, but I really didn’t find it hard to manage studying, having friends, & seeing my horse—-it’s just all about your priorities. If your parents are supportive of you bringing your horse to college–hooray! Plus, it will be good therapy for you to get away from studying for a while, if need be. What a fun new adventure–you will love having him with you at college!