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So I have have dealt with this for many years. I am no expert, but I have picked up a few things over the years. First the best thing for learning to control your hour’s feet, bending and rating is a small areana. It will put you both more in sync and make you more creative. Next, you don’t need big jumps to practice jumping. The big time jumpers dont put there horses over big jumps to practice except at the shows. The work on struggle between points turning and lateral work.
Here are some good to exercises I use. Serpentine. Throughout the areana, over ground poles and small jumps. Migrate your way up through the garbage and speeds.
Next, what I call coil springs. All the way around working off the rail. As you professional you can add poles to work over.

Another exercise, which I saw Davison,Connor use and it works great. Set up poles or jumps at a comfortable hight in a box formating one line 30 ft apart and one line 40 ft apart. You will need to rate your striding do it a few times as a figure 8. Once comfortable periodically stop your horse in the middle of the books. Stand and then go on. You should change direction periodically in the middle as well. Do fire 8 and fourleaf clovers.

There are many books out there with exercises for small arenas so these will just get you started. Remember, use ever inch of the areana and be deliberate where your houses feet go. If you done have control of his feet go to lots of lateral work until you can move each foot independently. Good luck and have fun