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Cold hosing as routine after every ride.
Liniment prior to and after riding.
Longer warm-up and cool down.

The tendon sheath stretched – it will not go back to its original shape, and will allow for fluid to be retained there. It’s not an indication of lameness on its own, but if you manage the fluid that might collect there, you can prevent further injury.

Unless using for rehabbing after a recent injury, sport boots can do more harm than good because of the amount of heat generated during exercise, my vets don’t recommend them. Heat on the tendon is not your friend.

One last word – don’t take chances – what can be a little weakness can be a big lameness if you miss the warnings. Watch for resistance on either side or backing up, and if so, rest your horse, and use EPF-5 prior to wrapping to help speed the healing.

Also A+ on the Smart Tendon. I’ve had great results with it.

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