Reply To: Disabled Rider Needing Sponsorship for Horse Shows

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Hi Jamie, Thank you for sharing your story!

SmartPak is happy to provide support for individuals, shows, and events throughout the year. To submit a request for sponsorship from SmartPak, please visit the link below and fill out the form that is found there. Although the form is geared toward event sponsorship, it is the only way to ensure that our Sponsorship Team receives all of the information that they need to consider each request and we ask that you fill it out to the best of your abilities:

We do our best to support as many opportunities as we can, but unfortunately we aren’t always able to fund all of the numerous requests we receive each month and we hope you understand! We’ll be sure to reach out to you within two weeks of submitting a request if we are able to sponsor your event.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns; we’re always happy to help!

-SmartPaker Jessy

SmartPaker Jessy