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Diet is surely important, and there are great supplements to help there such as the SmartHoof here at SmartPak. As Pheets said, it will take awhile for the affects to show, but it will occur.
For immediate relief, start with a good natural barefoot trim (as GC said, a “mustang roll”, which is a particular shaping of the hoof wall with a rounded edge that mimics wild mustang hooves), then use a good conditioner as the others mentioned. I would avoid anything with petroleum based oils and go all natural such as E3 (or the coconut oil Penelope mentioned). You would do that every day, once a day for a week, then stretch it out as needed for maintenance. Make sure it is on clean, dry hooves.
To maintain a good barefoot trim, you will need to check her for chips and irregularitys daily, using the fine side of your hoof rasp to “clean up” and maintain them. I have been doing our horses hooves for 10 years now without a single lameness issue or need for a farrier.
PS The photo shows some “trail traction” on my Kiger’s hooves I have been experimenting with. I have another post about those.

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