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First true all white hooves are not soft. that be said the walls can be thin. I have over 45 yrs experience in all from ponies to Tbs and I am a judge and a trainer-instructor. I wil tell you my remedy- first on cracked walls I use vita hoof (stay away from any petro products as they dry out the hoof) on the bottom to toughen you can use venice turpentine and pine tar if you keep your horse without shoes. I have just pulled my 31 yo TBs front shoes I never thought he could do without, he is slightly slung under in the left from his race days he looks about 15 and acts 2 but he did get hurt in a snow melt in the small paddock of an acre and then he fell and injured the hock on the other side. So he is carrying 80 instead of 60% up front of his weight. He has 4 whites and 4 white feet.There is a trend of natural trimming now going on that is becoming quite popular. As I said VITA HOOF is a lotion base I like it on the bottom you can use that or anything else depending if you want to soften or harden the foot (the wall is most important. With my horse the feet were becoming cracked and the farrier could no longer land a nail without having an issue, so hence the decision to pull his fronts even if we had used a wedge on the left front for yrs-The old guy I have is a Man o War blood was a black typed staked winner a A show hunter and also ran gymkanna just for fun his breeder and race trainer both found ne yrs back after my mother bought him in 92, We lived through Andrew and went on to win every major award there was, I had already been a child prodigy riding against and with people like Margie Goldstein-Judged with Olympians and my resume is quite lengthy. I love to teach and do clinics and pass forward the knowledge I have learned-I hope my tip helps you-If not talk to your farrier. But I would order Vita hoof and have him trim the feet with a BEVELED EDGE! New thing and it works!

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