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Rusty update … Much thanks to Dr. King from Pine Meadow Equine for meeting with us yesterday. In a strange environment with bovine aroma aloft, Rusty was a great patient. Even met us at the fence with a nicker. (Miss that sound!) Towards the end of his session, he started getting a little impatient, nervous, frustrated … but nothing like he’s been recently.

Given how well he responded to a test treatment of Ranitidine plus being a racehorse (by design) and how his attitude fluxuates so dramatically… Along with the bit of a long list of other things…. We’ll be treating for ulcers. … Very excited to see how he progresses. Would be great to have my sweet pony back more than just once in a while. 🙂

Special thanks to Wayne and Carey of Webb’s Hobby Horse Farm for setting up our visit. Our hearts go out to your family… and lots of healing thoughts. For Nellie!!
*everyone gets hugs!*