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My boy is stiff on the left, partly due to a really bad fall when he was young (went over backward and still has scars). Massage therapy has worked wonders for it, and I want to try acupuncture if ever I can find someone to do it. Perhaps you might try that? A good massage therapist will show you how to do it yourself, and it is a lot less invasive that injections (probably cheaper also). Of course, my case is different because his stiffness is more from the back than the hocks. Mine also recommended a sports rub followed by keeping a hot towel on his back prior to riding, but I’m not sure you can do that part with a leg issue. Still, the her main point was keeping the muscles relaxed and warm as best I can. How can you live in such a cold place? We start whining here when the temperature goes below 60 (Virginia).

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