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Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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You don’t need to spend that much. Mare Magic and some others come in a smaller, shorter term quantity, so if one doesn’t work you won’t have put out a fortune and can try another. The initial outlay may seem high, but they last for a fairly long period of time. For example, Mare Magic is about $50 for a 60 day supply for 4 horses. If you are good at math (I am not), that works out to be not very much money. That is 240 days for one horse, and then you would have to divide the 240 by 50 or something like that to get the monthly cost. I think. I think this is $50 for 8 months, which is about $6.00 per month. Not really expensive, especially if it works. Assuming, of course, that I got the math right.

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