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I guess I have been lucky with Schneiders. I have had only limited experience with their customer service, and that was to be certified (or whatever the correct term is) to repair Schneider Blankets that were under warrantee. The contact person was sometimes a bit slow to respond, but not difficult to work with otherwise, and we were able to communicate with e-mails, which I prefer because it leaves a paper trail.

As far as the fit goes, it really depends on the why the blanket does not fit. The real problems with necklines not fitting is NOT that the chest area is too big, but that the angle of the neckline is wrong. Which is why adding a dart at the corner works – – it changes the angle without changing the chest size.

As far as Schneider’s quality goes, I have a lot of blanket repair clients who have Schneider’s blankets, have had them for years, and have been sufficiently content with the blankets that they have replaced worn out Schneiders with new Schneiders. Schneiders is the only blanket manufacturer I know of who offers both 2″ increment blanket sizes and 3″
increment blanket sizes, as well as 600-D blankets (which I recommend my clients not buy – – they just don’t hold up to robust winter games of “banket pull”) 1200-D, and 1680-D. Schneiders blankets hold up as well as any of the other blankets in the same price range, and unlike many of the big manufacturers, they offer blanket lines that do not utilize cost saving changes (cost saving changes for the blanket maker, not for the horse owner) such as changing from stitched down back end darts to what can only be described as open pleats, which provide a perfect teeth grip for the attacking horse in a rowdy game of “blanket pull” and because the area is designed to be curved over the horses rump, can be tricky, difficult, & expensive to repair when this area gets ripped, compared to stitched down darts.

I have no qualms about recommending Schneiders T/O to my blanket repair clients. I agree that the Adjusta-Fit straps don’t work for every horse, and I have altered several almost new Schneiders T/O, to add a dart at the corner of the neckline to fix the fit. But I have also done this to WeatherBeeta blankets, as well as blankets from multiple other manufacturers. This is not a problem limited to Schneiders blankets.

Fit is one of the most crucial aspects in prolonging blanket life, and since every blanket maker uses a different set of patterns, frequently even different patterns for different blanket lines, there is a lot of choice. To my knowledge, Schneiders is not the only blanket maker who requires blanket purchasers to pay to ship blankets back to them, even blankets under warantee. But they will pay for repairs done under warantee, since it saves them having to dispose of the damaged blankets & replace them with new ones and once the file has been initiated by the blanket owner, Schneiders is happy to have me do the customer’s paperwork, which makes everybody happy. Schneiders then reimburses the buyer, usually by crediting their credit card, and the blanket owner pays me. Since I don’t return the blanket without payment, I always get paid, the blanket owner gets a repaired blanket, and Schneiders has to pay for repairs that are less expensive than the cost of replacing the blanket. So far, Schneiders is the only company who is willing to work with me, and has the procedures in place to do so.

Bottom line, no one blanket maker’s blankets are going to fit every horse body shape, so when one finds a blanket that fits correctly, stick to that blanket, and in the spring, when the big guys put their winter stuff on clearance, stock up, and save some money. Neckline fit is a much more common problem than many people realize, and at least Schneiders offers a solution. Not one that always works for every horse, but the other makers basically ignore the entire issue. And for the record, moving the front buckles back usually does not solve the problem, because it does not correct the angle of the neckline.

I’m not saying that Schneiders is perfect, and working with customer service can frequently get “interesting”. My experience with Schneiders has been different than that of the other posters, & I think it only fair that I post about my positive experiences.