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Think dressage! Use the space to make circles, use the diagonal, make a serpentine, combine 2 circles for a figure 8, making sure to change the bend of your horse as you cross to the other 8. Practice transitions. Halt, turn on the forehand, pick up the sitting trot. Do the figure 8 but halt at the intersection- use cones to mark the spot. You can add trot poles for a variety of exercises, ex backing up straight.
Set your jump in the middle of the arena.
Pick up canter and Circle at one end of the arena, jump, halt.
Pick up trot down long side, turn across arena and halt in front of jump.
Pick up trot, turn down long side so youre now going in opposite directio
Pick up canter in the corner, make a circle and repeat sequence over jump.

There are endless variations of this. Just remember to add transitions and changes of direction.