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I have a horse who has been abused, not one who has not been desensitized. She is not only a mare, she is an Arabian. Arabians who have been abused take forever and a day to learn to trust again, and I have not had her a year, so we are still doing baby steps. When she first came, it was very difficult to get her, and she flipped when the halter was slipped over her years. Now, she comes when called and sticks her head into the halter voluntarily. It is all time consuming, and I haven’t all that much time left.

My gelding was abused as well. Hackney Pony cross, and the method I described earlier worked wonders with him. It took me over 3 weeks, but we got there (he now accpets all whips), and I never tied him up while working on that issue (or any other issue at first). My boy has permanent scarring on his right hind ankle and even his hoof from putting it through the metal wall of a barn. His reaction to stall cleaning forks (which have just finally after a full year, become accpetable when in the hands of only 2 people – myself and the barn owner), tell the tale of part of what happened with that …