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Joe-Joe Joe-Joe
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I feel for you! I have two Arabians, and at times I am seriously afraid to ride them. Energy is just a breed trait. I never longe either of mine, because it makes them even more energetic (one is very forward and the other is very sideways). For my mare, I have found that Mare Magic is helpful, but the best thing that works for me is to just walk. If it takes an hour, we walk until she is quiet, then perhaps trot, and maybe never canter at all. Both of them can be very odd (no other word will do) – one when coming in and the other when going out. I make them stop, stand, and then give a peppermint. I am not saying that you should do this, but redirecting her attention and energy may be helpful. Bucking and rearing are really bad habits – you might need to enlist a helper (trainer with experience in dealing with Arabians) to rearrange that behavior. She may be the loveliest horse in the world, but you don’t want her to kill you. Good manners are essential with high energy horses. Joe Joe is afraid of dragons, and Selena is afraid of eggs, feathers and dirt that is different from other dirt. So they say, anyway.

Can or do you ride with company? That can also be a big help, particularly if the other horse is quiet and would not mind if yours cannons into his or her back end (I have a friend with such a horse – he doesn’t even mind Joe Joe cantering sideways into him when he is suddenly frightened of the field in which he lives).

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