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I agree with what has been said in posts prior. If you are cold hosing the legs after exercise in cold weather, it should not be a problem just stay on the legs and wipe off any excess water, you can even towel dry them and the benefit will still have the same effect. You can also try putting liniment on your horses legs (don’t rub it in hard) BUT make sure you don’t put liniment on hose wet legs and DON’T bandage legs on top of liniment. Why are you bandaging the legs in the stable? Have you been doing this for a while, or is this something that you have just started doing? The fact that your horse had swollen knees is a little odd since it was an eye infection, unless the work out was more intense than your horse was ready for, so I would make sure that you have the all clear from your vet. The eye infection must have been pretty bad if you horse has been off of all work, even in-hand walking. Take is very slow bringing your horse back to work……you may want to keep a log of what kind of work, how long the duration and how hard a work out. What kind of diet did/do you have your horse on while on it’s no-work period? This will help you look back and see how things have progressed. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to your horses legs being sore and swollen knees…..age, prior leg/joint issues, change to a stable vs. being in a field, stabling change of duration, prone to leg swelling and soreness, diet nutritional intake vs. the amount of calories burned and more.