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I was at county fair with my 16.2hh AQHA gelding (16.2hh is the important part). We usually get there at about 6:30-6:45 in the morning. I fed him, mucked his stall, and gave him water. Afterwards I tacked him up and took him to the indoor heated arena to ride at about 8 (all of the classes started at 9). Afterwards we rode back on the concrete to our barn. Now during county fair, there are draft horse driving shows and the drafts are kept in two barns down near the one of the arenas. Now to explain, my gelding is terribly afraid of draft horses because they are bigger than him (my horse is kinda cocky, it’s really not good, but funny). So we were riding back to our barn (with my mom by my side) and the shavings truck was there, just sitting there. Then, this girl was walking two large Clydesdales in front of the trucks (here’s where it gets good). Then, the truck backfired, the Clydesdales spooked, therefore my horse spooked. So I am at the verge of falling of (into the mud) and my mom nearly gets run over by my horse. But, in the end, I stayed on and my mother did not get run over. Ironically, the class that we were getting ready for (huntseat eq), we won reserve champion!