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My filly never waits for mud. She rolls even if her stall’s been changed.

I had a horse whom I thought was the world’s dirtiest horse. Although he was extremely neat about his stall, when it came to his body, he loved to me caked from head to toe in crusted mud. Sometimes only his eyes would be mud free. I did blanket he m as early as possible but in the spring I would sometimes walk into the barm and people would ask if I was there to ride. When I said yes, they would laugh and say they were so sorry because they had seen him in his paddock wearing a lovely mud crust. Did I mention he was grey? I found two answers. 1) a warm bath and heat lamps. 2) a vacuum. Both worked extremely well. Good luck!

I should have thought of heat lamps. I wonder what he would do with a vacuum. hmm….more *learning*!! lol
I was just considering a bot block, maybe.

Thanks. IT seems like you also need luck with the mud ball.