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Kathy D Kathy D
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Well, at first I though you might just need a hand held curry(the old fashioned ones) and lots of elbow grease. Then a stiffer body brush… But (with a HUGEb but), then I took a better look at the pictures you posted. Yeah, I bet he’s p**ed when your done. It looks like it is actually taking some hide with it…. Maybe you could try some kind of leave in like Cowboy Magic or even Healthy Coat (The pink stuff that you mix with water) and see if that loosens the balls up…. I have a great product that I use in place of C.M. Maybe that will help. Then throw a sleezy and sheet on him…. It will get dirty, but at least you won’t have sore arms from scrubbing or a crabby horse…… Just my 2 cents..