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We own/show Arabians and Half Arabians, and I don’t have 1 in my barn that would ever act that way…… It is an deal breaker if they rear….. I heard this while at a clinic with Ray LaCroix years ago…. He said, and I quote “If you have a horse that has figured out that they can rear with you on top of them, you have a BIG problem”.. He followed up with, PLEASE hire a professional to fix the problem if you plan on keeping them…. That was years ago, and I can still hear his words in my ears…… Smart horses will put you to the test…… She figured out the first time when you fell, that she could get you off.. If you want to do it yourself, start her back at ground zero…… Or maybe you can find someone close to you that can come to your place and ride it out of her… This is of course if she is in no pain that would cause her attitude…. Just my 2 cents… Good Luck and stay safe…