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I use a stiff brush held at an angle and don’t bear down, brush using a whisking motion with your right hand, then follow with the massaging soft brush with your left hand. You could try a sturdy sponge soaked in warm water this time of year. But probably the most important in mud season is finishing off the non saddle areas with Show Sheen to help repel future dirt.

The brisk brush shouldn’t rake skin, and then the massage brush should feel good while bringing up the natural oils that will help you keep the dirt off. Also the adherence of mud can be caused by over-washing your horse by eliminating the much needed oils in his coat. Don’t use soap as this dries out the coat.

Don’t use Show Sheen on the saddle area or your saddle might slip – but it is a great deterrent and cuts down grooming time.

I have mudpuppies – and we’ve started early with mud season. It’s a struggle, and one reason I’m glad to have bay horses.

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