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I love arabians, and have had many, they do tend to be energetic and highly intelligent, the younger Arabians often require a lot of daily excercise, and they need a training program that keeps thier mind busy and engaged.

For your safety I highly recommend that you find an ecellent trainer that specializes in Arabian horses in your area that can work with you, to teach your horse how to safely utilize thier energy and to partner with you. Dressage is a wonderful excersie for to keep these horses minds engaged and learning.

We have a horse now that when we obtained him he was 6 the current trainer was managing him drugs as he would bolt and buck, and at one point ran through the barn wall breaking it into splinters. The first thing we did was put him in a stall with a 55 foot run so he wasnt confined. We treated him with ulcer guard for 45 days, We made sure his diet was a low carb high fat diet supplimented with magnesium. Then we took the horse to the trainer that starts our colts for just 30 days full training and then a once weekly follow up he turned into a Multi Champion Youth Horse. He just needed the right person to both build his confidence and set boundries. Not all horses will be ready to come home after 30 days, I would say most would need 3-6 months, and not all riders will be ready to bring home a horse after 30 days, I have ridden Arabians for 40 years and we own our own faciltity…. also not all trainers are equal but with the right trainer magic can happen. Contact your regional Arabian Horse Association club, they will be able to refer you to a trainer that can help you have a safe and wonderful time with your horse. Training can be an expense but it is much more expensive for you and or your horse to get hurt.