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I use the Clinton Anderson training method and the way he does it is to stand next to your horse and be very cautious and gently rub your horse if she backs up or side steps or runs forward stay as best as you can next to her and continue rubbing her if you can’t get that close try just standing next to her until she gives you one of the five signs that she is relaxing licking lips,cocking leg,lowering head, taking a deep breath or standing still for 15 seconds without moving once that happens then quickly stop and stand there and rub her with your hand and continue until she is ok with it then later on using to same technique try whipping it next to her on the ground slowly then once she’s fine with that you can start smacking the ground harder then also later on you can still using the same technique you can slowly throw the rope or whip what ever your using over her back like throw it on her back and slid it off her back and continue until she is used to it
You can look up the video on YouTube if I didn’t make sense look up clinton anderson decensitizing
God bless