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I always layer blankets. I have 1200 denier turnout sheets and then can layer under it depending on the temperature. My thoroughbred is not happy if too warm or too cold and I have an Irish knit anti sweat sheet that she has on under any other blanket so she won’t get hot. then I don’t have to worry if it gets a little warmer than I expected.
My belgian warmblood gets cold and she has a cotton woven chill chaser under her blankets . its light and then I don’t have to put as much on her. She starts to complain that everything is too heavy if she has more than 3 layers on.
I find a mid weight under the sheet works pretty well most of the time. if its going below zero then they get the heavy weight on. I find the anti sweat sheet on the TB and the chill chaser on the warmblood really simplifies things.
They go out every day and they live in the snow belt south of Syracuse NY. They have a run in but never go in it. they are in the barn at night as it is too harsh , always windy and too many coyotes to be out at night