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Three days – give the baby some room. Baby is pretty much wild and you’re asking a lot. First up – – remember it takes a horse normally 6 – 8 months to adjust to a new place. That’s been made far more drastic for this baby as he’s just been taken from his mom.

Since you can touch him and run the halter over him I’d say, slowly continue that. But I would say mostly. Just spend time with the baby. If he’s in a pasture. Try to make sure you transfer him into a slightly smaller place where you can control him better. Sit down on a chair and just hang out. Bring a book, a newspaper or something. Just spend time in his presence. Talk to him and let him become used to you. If he’s isolated he will soon seek you out. He craves company. Right now he just needs to find you as the company he’ll crave.

As soon as you can, start brushing him with a medium brush. He’ll enjoy grooming and will look forward to it.

May I recommend you buy a few books on how to handle a baby. “From Birth To Backing” is one you can start with. There are tons of stuff for you to do with a baby and this is a book which will give you some guidance.

If this is your first baby, I have to stress that you need guidance. There will be tons of eager “trainers” willing to help. But mind you, most of them have no idea what you’re facing. Get a few books and do some reading. There’s lots to do, but you need to do it in steps and at appropriate times.

Personally I didn’t face raising a baby until I’d been working & owning horses for about 20 years. It’s a wonderful experience, but it requires patience and knowledge. He’s pretty much wild and needs a lot of help getting past the next few years and so do you.

Read a book or two on the subject…..