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Congratulations!!! YOU did it!!
So your little champ is quite confident around humans!!!

Please Post a picture of him! he must be very cute!

If he knows how to walk in the halter before gelding him
might be helpful.. as they do need to walk after the operation
so it does not swell…

I rubbed my foal all over all the time! and today she accepts
everything! 8<) she is a golden palomino but with a LOT of character!
She pricks her ears as soon as she hers my voice! and inspects me..
if she doesn’t find a treat! she puts back her ears kkkk makes mention
to bite.. but she never bit me! if you start rubbing her face even in her
naughtiness.. she can lean on you and love the affection!
being used to be rubbed around helped a LOT when the time came to break her in.

Take care!

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  • This reply was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by  StellaR.