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Me! Me! I am “just” a trail rider!
Often I think the Exact same thing when everyone starts mentioning dates of competitions up to 6 months in advance or who placed where or all the hours spent with their trainer before the competitions…. Really? there’s nothing else going on for you but this? That’s what important between you and your horse?

Being relatively new to competitive trail rides (3 years now), at first I put it down to not wanting to embarrass myself. Then I thought something was wrong with me, everyone loves it- why aren’t I getting it?? Now, I realize I am not the competitive type and I have nothing to prove to other people. Ok, maybe prove I’m not an idiot, but that’s an ongoing thing 😉 It helps to be in Arizona with older cowboys too. They don’t go for “nonsense”. And there’s not a lot of show barns around. Hmm, maybe those 2 things are related.

I still do trail competitions, my nieces are into it. Sometimes we even place. The ribbons go into a drawer. My Boy doesn’t care about them, why should I? All the conditioning rides before the big event gives me that special peace. And every time one of their crazy Arabs (sorry Arab world, I do like them!) freaks on nothing, I just smile to myself and move my calm Boy out of the way to watch the show. That’s enough for me!