Reply To: Anyone else "just" a trail rider?

Joan Fry
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Hey–I’m a trail rider too, and proud of it! Maybe because I live in a very rural area (most of the property around here is zoned for agriculture) and most of my horse-owning neighbors also trail ride, it’s easier not to be bothered by the competition riders. But I’m still bothered by owners who say, “He was only a trail horse, so when he came down with such-and-such, we just let nature take its course.” Grrr!

My current trail horse is a 13-year-old Morgan mare who was new to trails when I bought her just over a year ago. She’s good-tempered and fun to be around. For a while I taught myself how to ride with two reins in order to figure out if she really needed that running martingale she had on when I test-rode her. She doesn’t. (Thank goodness!)

Hey, Joe-Joe! Glad to hear from you! 😉