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Hello. I see this is a really old posting but I was searching for the exact problem you have/or had. I did find 2 antihistamines for dogs, cats and horses. One is Hydroxyzine Pamoate and the other Cyprohetadine HCl. The hydroxyzine is under the equine rx so that is what I plan to try. I’ll be talking to my vet first though. Wondering which one you used. I see you have given the herbal blend above and will contact them. Thank you so much. I am so hopeful now after seeing your posting. Last year it was not as bad as this year. I tried complete, bran and sand clear last year. I think the sand clear helped. Spring came early so it was over fairly quickly. This year with single digit and subzero temps, it is much worse and harder to clean up as it is ice chunks frozen to her tail. We haven’t been above freezing since at least Christmas. I so appreciate you posting this information. Thank you.

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