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Rosita Rosita
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You have received a ton of good advice! But your mare, fear or not, has learned to refuse. Feeding in the trailer had adverse results in the specific case I mention, although it works for some. I would go with the people who suggest a wide open, well lighted trailer. Recently a boarder at my farm had just such a mare who had learned that the people who were loading her were fearful (not me as I don’t get involved in what can be a problem with human mind sets). A calm horseman with his wide open trailer which was new to her loaded her in under three minutes. This trainer has a lifetime of experiences with horses and loaded my 18 month Morgan colt at his Minnesota home in a few minutes with his mom calling him. He was allowed to move around at will. This trainer doesn’t tie most of the horses he hauls. The Morgan has never looked back, and we are never never never in a hurry about loading. You can decide that I am offering strange psychological advice, but I also have a lifetime of experience with horses able to read folks like a map. Evaluate your fear or frustration level (it has pheromones that animals react to) and go with safe, roomy, well lighted transport. And read Dom Duarte’s “Bem Cavalgar” to understand that a 14th century King of Portugal knew that a calm human mind was crucial to all dealings with horses.