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Rats, I knew I had forgotten something important. If you plan to wash your horse blankets at home, and especially if you have a septic system, you will want to filter the water going into your septic system to remove as much of the horse hair as possible. My washer empties into a laundry tub, which in turn empties into a cement pit with a sump pump, that sends the water up from the basement to the septic system. So it is easy for me to put a filter over the out going dirty water where it empties into the laundry tub. You can buy filters specially designed for this, but I have found that 1 knee high nylon & a standard clamp (the type that tightens & loosens with a screw driver) works just as well. I buy the box of 10 pairs, and this box of 20 “filters” usually lasts me over a year.