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Here is the info on the Spook Less CD’s.

There are 6 different CD’s available:
-Trail Riding
-Show & Driving
-Show Riding
-Cowboy Mounted Shooting
-Nounted Horse Patrol.

Each has sound and noises specific to that type of riding, except for the
Mounted Horse Patrol, which is 2 CD’s and has all the noises/sounds of the other CD’s except for the sounds/noises on the Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

All the CD’s are $19.95, except the Mounted Horse Patrol, which is a set of 2 CD’s for $24.95.

Shipping for any single CD & for the Mounted Horse Patrol 2 CD set is $8.00 to anywhere in the USA. If you want more than one CD, you will have to get a quote from her on shipping charges. She will ship outside the USA, but you will have to consult her for a price. She normally ships with the US Postal System, with a tracking number on each package, which will be e-mailed to the purchaser within 24 hours of shipping, along with the expected delivery date. She can ship outside the USA, but you will need to get that shipping cost from her.

I have been given permission to post both addresses on this forum.

The Cowboy Mounted Shooting CD is not listed on the website, but does exist, and she has all 6 in stock.

Shipping normally occurs the day after the PayPal payment clears, with PayPal being the preferred method of payment.

If you go to the website, there are photos of her doing parades, and she & her riders have done the Detroit Christmas Parade every Thanksgiving for many years, along with many other parades. Any of you who are familiar with Arabians know that while they have a reputation for being high strung, the issue is actually that they seem to be more aware of their surroundings and more reactive than many other breeds, so desensitizing training has been important to produced Arabians that can safely do parades with all the odd objects and sounds that can only be found at a large parade.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Harm by e-mail or through her website.