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(Deb Buckler) I have you all beat! I have a 16 hand pure white PERCHERON mare with a super long satin white mane and tail. Her mane is so long, I keep it braided and tied up in mane bags. But my beautiful Cinderella is really a Chester White pig in disguise. She rolls and grinds in the WORST mud and muck she can find, mane bags and all. I have come “This close” to shaving her bald many many times. But the wonderful people at “Horse Sense” products sent me a free jug of mane and tail detangler. I couldn’t make it work at first…it’s thick and goopy. BUT! I just take a handful of that stuff and rub it into the muddy, tangled mane, or anywhere there’s yuck, and work it in. All the muck combs right out, and dries really fast. The NEXT time I have to deal with it, the muddy hair is not only easier to deal with, it also SMELLS better! Hee! I can’t live without this stuff now. Just take a handful, rub it into the muddy areas, gently brush it out. Just like that!