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When my Oldenburg gelding was still a weanling and we moved him to his new home, he moved from a simple grass pasture to a heavily treed pasture. To make the temptation worse, there were a lot of dead trees laying in the field that had not been cleared. My baby boy turned into a literal beaver. He ate wood like it was a treat. He diet was definitely not the issue. He was on pasture, received ample hay and a diet balancer (really hi quality brand). It was impossible to use a paint or topical with that much wood around. I spoke with my feed store and they recommended QUITT. A supplement you feed. They heard wonders from owners who used it and I figured I can’t lose if I try it. I honestly did not believe it would help — how could a simple supplement work, but within a couple of days he completely stopped the wood eating and never did it again. I have no idea how it works, but for us it was the miracle solution. Mind you, this boy was never worked because of his age and was always in the pasture – so adding more “distraction” was not part of the solution. All we did is feed the supplement. I did two buckets and then stopped and the problem was gone. He is now almost 7 and since then has never chewed wood again.