Reply To: Mane Rubs and Short Thin Tail

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Hi Summer,
What an annoying problem! When I bought my mare she had a very unruly mane and tail that showed signs of rubbing, and I took a couple of steps. 1. I started her on a hoof supplement (really to help her hooves, but I knew that it would also promote mane and tail growth, and healthy skin–I chose Farrier’s Formula Double Strength). 2. I took to washing her mane and tail with Head & Shoulders Anti-Itch shampoo, and then conditioning them with Head & Shoulders Full & Strong conditioner. 3. I also apply Original MTG, washing it out with the Head & Shoulders and reapplying about 2x a week. It took a couple of weeks to see any difference, but I have not had a problem with rubbing since. I have not been washing her mane or tail now that it’s cold, but I do check her crest and tail bone to make sure that the skin is still healthy and flake free. So far, so good! Good luck, I hope this helps!