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I ride a 13.1 Welsh Section B mare. I am 5’4″, and she has no problem at all carrying me. That said, I am very careful about tack and use a 5 Star pad with my western saddle. She has good care, gets turn out, and we ride about 5 days a week so she is in top condition. I particularly like her size because she is perfect for me to handle. She does occasionally get a bit of pony attitude, but I have a friend helping me deal with those blips. The Welsh come in 4 unique sizes from Mountain pony Section A to cobs Section C and D. There should be something for nearly everyone unless you are a larger person. The flip side of the pony attitude is that she is very sweet and loving and likes contact with me. I think you will see many adults riding Welsh if you go to a breed show. Give a pony a chance! I love mine! And, she drives, too.