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Much has to do with size of adult and size of pony. When my daughter was in Pony Club I used to work with the owner of the pony club. It required that I exercised and schooled the ponies for the children. I’m abut 5’7″ and weighed at the time about 128 lbs. I was not riding any Shetland ponies, but I was riding Welsh Ponies section B – D.

Ponies can be very willful and are far faster at coming up with mischief than any large horse. They take more skill than many riders are willing to believe.

Anyhow, depending upon your size and how much riding planned…. Choose your horse/pony accordingly.

I have an American Shetland pony stallion measuring in at 44.5 inches tall. I’ve backed him, but as mentioned…. They can walk out from under us and he did it to me once when I sat on him in just a halter. I got a good laugh out of it. But please remember. They’re faster, smarter, stronger, more willful and far more athletic than you can dream of.

If you have to have a pony. Make sure it’s minimum a large section B pony. But really, choose more wisely a section D pony which will have the strength to carry you for more than just a few minutes….

Also, build the pony up if not used to being ridden by an adult.

Good luck