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I have an aged (30 yrs) Swedish Warmblood who has a naturally thin mane and tail who will occasionally rub his mane if he gets dry, flakey skin. As a hairstylist, I like to use either a moisture shampoo or a Tea Tree shampoo with a heavy duty moisture conditioner, (that I don’t totally rinse out). In the winter, I’ll hot towel the mane/tail then use a rubber tipped brush with somewhat flexible bristles or a jelly scrubber mitt and “scrub” the skin to loosen up the dry skin flakes, then spray in something like Carr & Day & Martin Canter Silk Mane & Tail Condtioner…it’s great and makes my horse’s tail and mane look twice as thick! I have found spraying Listerine and rubbing it into the skin to help as well. If you think fleas may be the issue, I recommend using De Flea pet shampoo (the best I’ve found so far for fleas for my dog). DO NOT USE BLEACH on the skin…it is caustic and can blister the skin (pour some diluted onto your own skin and see what happens!). I will however used a bleach/1 part & water/8 parts solution for controlling thrush…applied to the hoof sole only! Many horses with dry, itchy skin may actually have an internal issue. I give my horse 4 oz daily of GROUND Flax seed meal which is high in Omega 3 fatty acids…it’s very inexpensive (I buy it in bulk) and good for your horse and you too! Good Luck and Happy Trails!