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That’s the one I was looking at, I was looking at Perfect Prep Eq Training Day, but from what I read you only use it around the time of shows or events? I’ve been trying to desensitize him, and he doesn’t do bad but some times he reacts before he thinks. His issues with people depends on the person, some little kid can be petting him right before you go in the ring then the ribbon runners comes and he won’t let them near him. Even the farrier scares him and he hasn’t had a bad time since I got him, but he has to stand against a wall while one side is being done then he puts his other side against the wall for the opposite side. He was in the arena one day and a guy walked through and my horse Alfred just went right up to him and was letting him pet him on the face, but then there are times if some One walks by he freaks out. Who ever abuses him did a number on him and from what I can figure it was some time in between June 2013- January 201. Sorry for the huge thing I just want to try to give enough info