Reply To: Crosstie Chewing (and other irritating behaviors)

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Ignore his naughty behavior and enjoy his attributes! I’ve had a gelding who for the last 17 years has been super mouthy. He chews on EVERYTHING. I have tried all the suggestions (chains seemed to make him even more fascinated because they made noise when he messed with them). Bitter apple never phased him and I actually think he enjoyed the pain of “Hot” cinnamon or pepper sprays, drooling like crazy and still gnawing away. I find that the best thing to do is I leave one of those old fat cotton leads attached to his halter, and let him gnaw on that while he is cross tied. You just have to pick your battles sometimes. I also have to be careful if I let my husband lead him anywhere tacked up because he will snatch up his reins in a heartbeat, and that is costly! Enjoy him I’m sure he has a lot of personality, as most chewers do 🙂