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Hi JR,
There is a foaming shampoo by EQ Solutions for washing horses, but it’s also excellent for washing blankets, your truck and trailer, etc. It comes with a canister that you attach to a hose at the handle. First spray the blanket with water to get it fully wet. Pour the desired amount of shampoo from the bottle it comes in, into the canister, attach the hose and spray the foam on the blanket. The foaming soap mixes with the water in the ideal ratio. Scrub heavily soiled areas with a brush, then rinse with a regular sprayer attachment, the kind you get at the hardware store. I clean both sides of the blanket, wring out some of the water and let the rest drip dry in the sun hanging on a fence. Buckle the blanket to the fence if it’s windy.

I use the horse shampoo, but you can buy this product made just for washing your truck and trailer too. The horse shampoo is a gentle cleanser. Here’s the link:

Also available at Valley Vet. UltraCruz is a similar product. The canister lasts forever. It’s so easy you’ll love it and it makes washing your horses a breeze. (Get them used to the white foam though.) Have fun!

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